Bare Essentials is an open access publication that combines adventure lifestyle topics with wildlife conservation and environmental science – providing unique insight from adventurers, photographers, scientists, explorers and world experts on a variety of inspirational, innovative and vital topics. Our integrated approach includes research articles, perspectives, photographic features and editorials.

Published by Earth Endeavors a media enterprise providing publications and online resources covering culture, conservation, art and scientific discovery for worldwide distribution. We offer free media support to non-profit organizations with particular emphasis on wildlife conservation. Any financial surplus earned via our publication Bare Essentials goes to support our wildlife conservation partners.

Beyond our online resources and publication, we help co-ordinate fundraising opportunities for our conservation partners inviting individuals, groups and sponsors to affiliate with and help raise awareness for preservation efforts through our Wildlife Warriors Initiative.

Wildlife Warriors online resource is a fundraising catalyst devoted to increasing grass-roots initiatives engaging community and company support for conservation.

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