African Wildlife Special

by Inga Yandell

African Wildlife Special Issue

Certain places reflect the well-being of our world more obviously than others—as with the nature of Africa. Here is a land once abundant with wildlife, now harbouring species close to extinction. What of the wonders that were so prolific?

In this special edition on African wildlife we explore the catalysts for change on the dark continent. Photographer and conservationist Beverly Joubert shares her ‘Life with LIONS’ (pg. 61) offering unique perspective on the land she calls home.

The passion of youth finds a voice in 16-year-old Amy Timmerman, who insightfully explains ‘Why Africa’s Animals need an International Protection Plan’ (pg. 98).

Dale Morris portrays the curious wonders of an ancient island in ‘Many Faces of Madagascar’ (pg. 103).

In all its majesty, Africa is a place that conjures romantic images of untamed grander—but the contrast is dark and deep, with nature at risk from pervasive crime and conflict. It is my sincere hope that the stories within this issue compel united efforts, inspire individuals and councils to raise their voices on behalf of wildlife—for in preserving the nature of Africa, we give hope to the well-being of our world.

This edition is dedicated to raising awareness and support for Africa’s wildlife.
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Inga Yandell, Chief Editor Bare Essentials Magazine

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