David Attenborough uses the latest 3D technology to bring to life the extreme and deadly unseen world of bugs.

Micro Monsters is a thrilling voyage into a realm that’s close to us yet quite inaccessible to the naked eye and confusing to human sensibilities – the strange, weird and wonderful world of bugs. In six fantastic, action-packed episodes we’ll see how insects use sex to conquer Earth; explain the insect arms race; and look at amazing bug abilities.

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It’s one big happy family for wild painted dogs after new pups are born — as long as everyone follows the rules of the one main mom.

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This husband-and-wife team spent six years living alongside a pack of wolves in order to reveal the majestic, social, and intelligent nature of these long-misunderstood animals.

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Earlier this month, a group of divers were presented with a unique opportunity to rescue a wild dolphin entangled in fishing line off the coast of Hawaii.

The Bottlenose dolphin, approached the group of underwater explorers during a night-time dive searching for manta rays and in a rare moment of mutual consent, the dolphin entrusted it’s human friends to help free it.

The footage was captured by Martina S. Wing (also known as the “Manta Woman”) owner of the touring company Ocean Wings Hawaii — explore their site further to learn more about the marine life of Kona, Hawaii.

Whilst, this story has a happy ending for many marnie animals the same cannot be said — with evermore pollution entering our oceans the risk to wildlife increases.

The treasures of the deep depend on our cooperation and consideration, please take the time to learn more about pollution and preserving our oceans.

A new bat named for its devilish appearance, a subterranean blind fish, a ruby-eyed pit viper, and a frog that sings like a bird are among 126 newly identified species from the Greater Mekong.

The subregion was formed by the Asian Development Bank in 1992 and unites the six states of the Mekong River basin: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Yunnan Province of China.

However, the excitement of recent discoveries is overshadowed by habitat loss and illegal hunting which threaten the survival of all species in the area. Lost and found only to be lost once more to human pressures.

WWF and Conservation International are working to protect biodiversity and the undiscovered species of the area– so that one day, the true secrets of the Mekong may be revealed.

View a slideshow of new species and learn how you can help save them.