Through innovation our potential to restore nature is limitless. A creative approach which extols the virtues of natural insight and human imagination.

Progress is only empowering when it adds value—not when it comes at a cost, obvious or otherwise. We all love how technology has revolutionized and elevated how we live, yet most of us only ever acknowledge the end-use without exploring the process between—the connection and impact with nature. The story needs expanding, exploration, engagement and education.

True progress—the kind which preserves culture and wildlife—is the focus of this two part edition.

Natures narrative is surfacing in unique ways, from clothing campaigns that encouraging rewildling to visual conservation strategies which close the gap between inspiration and action. The common thread uniting these stories is nature, looking deeper into the wild for solutions, and synergy with our quest for progress and need for preservation.

May you draw from these pages inspiration—then discover real value, by taking action!

Issue 42

Connect with Nature

There are many ways to connect with nature some of them quite surprising!

Beneath the waves a world of creatures communicate in ways we have yet to understand, but our insight grows as we begin to explore culture in the ocean.

Space described through science fiction as the final frontier, has a rival of equal worth in the unexplored fathoms of our oceans. Explorers champion the potential of the world below, but by comparison marine science receives far less funding than projects exploring other planets. Perplexing you might think, that our earth warrants second billing to distant and desolate versions—well your’e not alone. A bold crew of photographers, scientists and explorers bound to a blue quest, are determined to shine light on the virtues of deep water discoveries. 

Connect with Nature 2

In a new series showcasing ocean explorations, we begin with a familiar topic: ‘culture’—only people are not the focus. Marine researchers, Hal Whitehead and Luke Rendell are the authors of a new book ‘The Cultural Lives of Whales and Dolphins’ in which they attempt to decipher codes of communication between Cetaceans. Their fascinating insights (pg. 102).

From the blue to the biome, we look at new science connecting human microflora to brain and body health (pg. 14). After the biome we discuss the bees. These miniature marvels are so integral to all life that when we drink mead or wear make-up we are appreciating bees (pg. 25). And we discover the wild wisdoms of nature photographer, Paul Saunders (pg. 58)—who through his travels enjoys many a close encounter!

There is more, but that’s yours to explore…

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Issue 40 Out Now!

In sunset and rustling leaves, lies the creative promise for innovative vision.

Creative explorers combine art and adventure in quest of visual innovation—the latest issue of Bare Essentials Magazine reflects their inspiration.

Each year the aspirations of photographers reaches its apex in competition—every entry, advancing distinctive standards and level of skill. As new technology expands what’s possible, novel techniques and unique talent emerge, unlimited by age or location—only by one’s imagination. Discovering and documenting wildlife need not be a remote assignment, it could be an urban affair. Emphasis on expression both in the subject and in the photographers style form the new definition of creative exploration and the innovative visions that manifest are truly inspiring.

I invite you to immerse yourself in the images that follow, including a collection from a unique stock library (pg. 5) and this years most coveted awards (pg. 11)—breathtaking and pioneering photos to excite the artist within. Learn the art of Light Painting (pg. 39) and Photo Sketching (pg. 61).

Bound for adventure features the latest literary delights for every genre (pg. 77) including a sneak peak of Lonely Planet’s Wild World and The Natural World of Winnie-the-Pooh. We also explore the science of scent (pg. 119) and natural flight (pg. 123), plus much more.

Let this issue inspire adventure for the year ahead!

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Inga Yandell
Chief Editor & Creative Director
Bare Essentials Magazine, Earth Endeavours

Forever intwined, the two worlds—above and below—share the same life line but very different views.

Expressed within the photographers vision, an insatiable curiosity and wonder for natures enigma, that compels exploration between worlds.

In this final installment of our ‘Masters of Photography’ collectors edition we gleam instinctual skill and learned experience from the wisest of wanders—visual artists seeking to document the mysteries of our vast and diverse natural world.

We dive into the ocean with reputed marine photographer, David Doubilet, and explore below the surface of a coastal sanctuary with celebrated documentarian, Ian McAllister.

In the world above, we go on expedition to the ice kingdom of Antarctica with National Geographic photo-journalist, Ralph Lee Hopkins. From there we venture down-under, to witness small wonders hidden amidst the lush forests of Queensland with macro-maesteros, Stanley and Kaisa Breeden. There is still more, but that remains yours to discover.


The tools may change, but the skill of a master storyteller is timeless.

Technology has changed our communications in unimagined ways—allowing us to capture a story as it unfolds, using innovations of creative wizardry, portable, affordable, advanced in every measure. And the ubiquitous nature of our digital era means anyone, anywhere can be a storyteller. But, there is more to this ancient craft than simply point-and-shoot. To evoke sentiment, inspire change, and unveil hidden truths about a subject, one must master certain skills.

In this two-part collectors edition, some of the world’s most iconic ‘Masters of Photography’ share their secrets and explore the skills that define a truly exceptional storyteller. Lessons that span a lifetime contribute rare and timeless insights on how to impact change, express emotions and compel empathy through the lens. Life has many facets and each demanding a different approach. Our experts advise on all genres of photography, be your passion adventure, wildlife, or culture, there is something here for everyone.

The thread that connects us to this wide and wild world of ours, is strengthened through discovery and a growing knowledge of the workings of nature. So my friends, I invite you on a journey of discovery spanning the globe with masterful storytellers and their stunning images of life on earth. I hope it inspires you to BE curious and never stop exploring!

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