Latest News for Wildlife Warriors

by Inga Yandell


The Wildlife Warrior is someone who dedicates their energy and directs their actions towards a nobel purpose, ‘to preserve and protect our wild heritage’.  When you vow to take action on behalf of animals and the environment you become a Force for Nature and an important part in world conservation!

Latest News for Wildlife Warriors:

Vital Grounds 06-’07 Biennial Report Released

In 2006 and 2007, Vital Ground made great strides in on-the-ground habitat conservation for grizzly bears and other wildlife. Since relocating our office from Utah to Missoula, Montana (the heart of grizzly country) and adding new staff, Vital Ground’s capac ity and projects have flourished. During the biennium, Vital Ground helped to protect and enhance nearly 189,000 acres of crucial wildlife habitat.

Add Attitude to your Ride!

Vital Ground Specialty License and Collector Plates now available: 

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