Bare Essentials is a discovery journal for creatives who love nature.  Combining adventure lifestyle topics with wildlife conservation and environmental science – providing unique insight from adventurers, photographers, scientists, explorers and world experts on a variety of inspirational, innovative and vital topics. Our integrated approach includes research articles, perspectives, photographic features, and editorials.

Published by Earth Endeavors producing online media resources covering culture, travel, conservation, art and scientific discovery for worldwide distribution. We offer free media support to non-profit organizations with particular emphasis on wildlife conservation.

Beyond our online resources and publication, we help coordinate creative collaborations and media development opportunities for our conservation and exploration partners through story branding and sponsored content dedicated to awareness for preservation efforts and discovery projects.

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Bare Essentials offers support for emerging creatives including journalists, researchers, photographers, artists, filmmakers, explorers, and scientists who love nature and have a story to tell. We love hearing from passionate and imaginative people and finding ways to encourage and develop their skills as the next generation of storytellers. Our aim is to expand the reach and resources with equal opportunity. Our platform is designed to innovate story culture by integrating diverse and unique perspectives on nature.

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Inga Yandell
Explorer and photo-journalist, passionate about nature, culture and travel. Combining science and conservation with investigative journalism to provide educational resources and a platform for science exploration.
Inga Yandell

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  1. I wanted to reach out to you about a book we have coming out next month that would be a good fit for Bare Essentials as I know the editor of the book is a sometime contibutor to you publication.

    The Artist’s Field Guide to Yellowstone introduces readers to the wildlife of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem through the works of fifty of the region’s distinguished writers and artists. This robust anthology of eclectic artwork and inspiring storytelling offers an enlivened take on the traditional field guide and argues for the intrinsic value of this world-renowned ecosystem.

    Yellowstone naturalist and artist Katie Shepherd Christiansen has compiled this sensible field guide and elegant art book to highlight the unique biodiversity of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, organized across four habitat strata: sky, earth, soil, and water. Writers and artists pair up to reveal new ways of understanding key species through prose, poetry, and artwork. The addition of scientific descriptions provides a natural history frame, and Christiansen’s illustrations of ecologically connected species bring life to every page. Contributors include are Rick Bass, Dwayne Harty, DG House, Doug Peacock, James Prosek, Terry Tempest Williams, Todd Wilkinson, and many others who live in the region.

    The book pubs in April, and I wanted to see if you might want to interview the editor or any of the contributors. Photography and excerpts are available from the book as well. I can send you a PDF copy of the book, and I can send you a media copy as soon as they arrive if you let me know your mailing address. She’ll be doing online events for now starting next month, but we hope to have some in-person events towards the end of summer.

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