The Arctic tundra once covered in ice now melts to the warmth of summer – leaving great expanses of open water too wide for tiny polar bear cubs to cross.

Polar Bears International understands people want to help save species but often feel helpless to impact conservation in locations as distant as the Arctic.

This is why they have created Simple Strategies for Saving a Species that integrate everyday actions and community voice to support conservation efforts in remote environments.

The ‘Take Home’ message: Be Informed and Get Involved, reflects PBI’s approach to preserving the ecosystems and wildlife in the Arctic.

A rich resource of educational materials, creative actions, guidelines and global initiatives unite people in the battle to save the Polar Bear.

So, if you are at home reading a report about melting ice in the Arctic, don’t reflect on the distance – visit Polar Bears Interational and react from a distance.

Arctic Ambassadors and their Actions

PBI has partnered with myActions, The Social Network for the Planet, on an online and mobile action campaign.

The program is now in the pilot phase and nine teams from PBI’s Arctic Ambassador Center network are in a friendly competition as they test it out.

The goal is for every member of every Arctic Ambassador Center Team to take 21 actions for polar bears in 21 days!

See their actions online and make plans to join when the full campaign launches later this year on myActions.

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