Arctic Documentary Project

Climate change is happening faster in the Arctic than any other place on the planet. How does this affect me, you ask? Documenting the changes taking place in the Arctic is an essential step to help people understand it is happening now and will eventually affect all life as we know it around the globe.

To understand the future we need to comprehend the past. The Arctic Documentary Project (ADP) intends to capture in words, pictures and moving images what we see in the Arctic today. Our goal in producing these multimedia materials is not just to capture images for posterity, but to inspire ACTION!

Become Involved: Help support the ADP, whose inspiration is founded on the lies of the Farm Securities Administration’s documentation of the Great Depression, Dust Bowl Days, and other civil issues of the early 1900s. Back then, the government hired photographers and filmmakers to document these important times in human history. Today we must rely on ourselves. Become a part of the solution as well as history by donating to Polar Bears International’s Arctic Documentary Project.

The ADP is a joint effort between nature photographer Daniel J. Cox of Natural Exposures, Inc. and Polar Bears International (PBI), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to preserving polar bears and their habitat. In addition to documenting animals, people and their ecosystems, the ADP will also be documenting some of the worlds leading arctic scientists as they conduct fieldwork. All of PBI’s 40+Arctic Ambassador Centers will have access to these multimedia materials, free of charge, to help accomplish Polar Bears International’s goal of “Conservation through research, and stewardship and education.”

All of Daniel’s nearly ten years worth of work, with Polar Bears International, has been on a volunteer basis. Join Daniel in his quest to tell the story of the worlds amazing Arctic ecosystem, its iconic and beloved species the polar bear and to share these stories to inspire the world. Donate today before the end of the year to receive the benefits of Polar Bears International’s tax deductible status.

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