Ashaninka Cocoa

How much do you know about the culture behind cocoa?

We delight in the sensations of chocolate, coveting its velvety smooth texture and developed notes as they dance on our tongues. Easter is when we celebrate this ancient ingredient to its full, but often only in confectionary form. Our children hunt for chocolate eggs and golden bunnies, highly processed treats which bare little resemblance to their key ingredient and which reveal nothing of the story, the source, the culture and history behind cocoa.

This documentary takes chocolate lovers on a journey to the Amazon, where cocoa is cultivated by a native community. Providing background on the origins of our food adds a depth to the beans we adore, expanding our knowledge and appreciation of chocolate.

Deep in the heart of the Selva Central region of the Peruvian Amazon, indigenous communities are working with the Rainforest Foundation UK and Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate to produce their own high-quality Ashaninka-branded organic and fairtrade chocolate – ultimately for national and international distribution.

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