Bioblitz 2012 ‘Family Adventure’

Looking for a family adventure exploring the science of nature?

Join National Geographic in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado for BioBlitz.

On August 24th and 25th, individuals and families will be teamed with environmental scientists to find and identify as many living species as possible. This unique hands-on outdoor study program is an especially fun way for children and adults to learn about contemporary field science techniques and gain a greater appreciation of the importance of biodiversity and conservation work.

Kids will have the opportunity to learn from experts how to use microscopes, taxonomic keys, and GIS-based mapping. They will also get to spend time with scientists who share the fascination many children have with bugs, birds, flowers, and microbes.

The findings from this two-day event will add to the park’s official species list.

Plus, after a day of fieldwork, you can enjoy the BioBlitz Festival in nearby Estes Park. This conservation celebration will feature music, activities for kids of all ages, and exhibit booths celebrating biodiversity and sustainability.

The surrounding area also offers hiking, mountain climbing, white water rafting, and other fun family activities. And, the natural scenery is spectacular in and of itself.

Online registration for the adventure will begin in July but you can begin your BioBlitz experience today, by exploring the park website.

BioBlitz is the perfect opportunity for families to re-connect with nature and for children to be inspired to study science.

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