Hallmarks of Hilary Clinton

Hilary Clinton’s memoir Hard Choices (2014, Simon & Schuster) broadens public knowledge and understanding for the role of a Secretary of State in managing crisis, overcoming challenges, and making ‘Hard Choices’. The demands of executive focus are all the more impressive given the urgency and global scale of problem solving, that dominates Hilary’s daily agenda. […]

The Story of Earth

The Earth might seem solid beneath our feet but five billion years ago there was no sign of the planet we call home. Instead there was only a new star and a cloud of dust in our solar system. Over millions of years, a series of violent changes led to the formation of our world […]

One Small Change in Perception

Knowledge depositories rich in tradition are imbedded in the customs of people, connecting us to our cultural heritage. Even the simple act of cooking carries deep meaning—hidden in the aromas are memories reminiscent of times passed, and wisdoms of our ancestors are seeded within the recipes we share. Learning to ‘Love the Earth’ through cooking, […]

Shaping Humanity

In Shaping Humanity, internationally renowned paleoartist John Gurche describes the extraordinary process by which he creates forensically accurate and hauntingly realistic representations of our ancient human ancestors. Inspired by a lifelong fascination with all things prehistoric, and gifted with a unique artistic vision, Gurche has studied fossil remains, comparative ape and human anatomy, and forensic […]