Make Father’s Day memorable—give your dad a gift that inspires.

AMAZE DAD by the ability of our brain and body to regenerate.
How Far Can You Go by John Maclean (Simon & Schuster, 2016) $32.99.

When John Maclean was struck down by a truck while training for a triathlon at the age of 22, the elite athlete was left paraplegic. He insisted that he’d walk again, but it became clear John would need to shift his focus, and take his beloved father’s words to heart: ‘How far can you go?’ With fierce tenacity, determination, and the love of family and friends, John became one of the most accomplished wheelchair athletes in the world, and the first paraplegic to swim the English Channel. But John still longed to walk, hand in hand, on the beach with his wife and their young son. It wasn’t until he discovered a radical therapy that John was able to reach his full potential by retraining his mind and body to unlock new neural responses . . . and stand, walk, and fulfil his dream. How Far Can You Go? is John Maclean’s amazing story, and his quest to walk again after 25 years in a wheelchair.

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GIVE DAD A HEARTY DOSE of danger and deep belly laughs!
All this in 60 Minutes by Nicholas Lee (Allen & Unwen, 2016) $32.99.

The hilarious inside story of life on the road as a 60 Minutes cameraman. For more than thirty years Nicholas Lee was a cameraman on 60 Minutes, Australia’s most respected and watched current affairs program, alongside Ray Martin, George Negus, Ian Leslie, Richard Carleton, Mike Munro, Jennifer Byrne, Liz Hayes, Tara Brown and Peter Overton, among others. All This in 60 Minutes is the revealing and often hilarious memoir of his time with the show– of the crazy days of unlimited expense accounts, of late nights and bleary mornings, the fun and fear on the road, and in the refugee camps and war zones. It goes inside the IRA, Idi Amin’s torture cells, and into palaces and mud huts. It recounts unforgettable trips on B-52s, ultra-lights and the Orient Express. And it takes you behind the interviews with the famous and infamous—from presidents, rock stars, despots and kings, to pygmies and manic, charismatic gurus. The result is a book that is a compelling, funny and utterly eye-opening tribute to the kind international news-gathering that just doesn’t happen anymore.

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SEND DAD INTO OUTER SPACE for an astronauts-view of our planet.
A Beautiful Planet 3D (IMAX Films, 2016) $14-23.

Narrated by Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence, A Beautiful Planet 3D features stunning footage of our magnificent blue planet, and the effects humanity has had on it over time, captured by the astronauts aboard the International Space Station. The film showcases striking imagery including ocean cyclones, lightning storms, the crystal-blue waters of the Bahamas, the boot of Italy and mesmerising views of cities at night. The film also captures scenes from around the globe that cause concern such as drought-stricken California, deforestation and climate change, urging audiences to start taking better care of our planet. A Beautiful Planet 3D offers a thoughtful look into humanity’s relationship with Earth and delivering an important environmental message alongside breathtaking views of our planet and galaxy as never seen before. Showing in Sydney and Melbourne IMAX theatres from 8th September, bookings via Box Office.

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Using their unique ability to create magical puppet characters and the worlds they inhabit, Blinkink new signings Jonny and Will have written and directed a masterful series of short and hilarious sketches.

The character-led shorts are rammed full of slapstick gags and cartoon action, all performed with live action, in-camera techniques.

The puppets, costumes, props and sets, all hand-made by the directors and their team, combine to create an authentic medieval atmosphere; the perfect backdrop for the silly, fun, and sometimes menacing nature of the characters’ relationship.

Scored with original music, also by Jonny and Will and featuring timeless character performances these shorts will be enjoyed by kids of any age.

Blinkink is an award-winning production company based in Soho, London. Existing in the world where animation and technique-driven live action meet, Blinkink represents some of the world’s most visually inventive filmmakers.

Wallace & Gromit have teamed up with the National Trust for a summer of celebration, kicking off with special Diamond Jubilee events on Monday 4th June!

Over 70 Jubilee tea parties will be held across National Trust properties, where activities will include “How to Make a Gromit” sessions held by Aardman model makers, face painting, brass bands, plus the chance to see a brand new one minute W&G animation ‘Wallace & Gromit’s Jubilee Bunt-a-thon’.

The new mini animation, A Jubilee Bunt-a-thon, features Wallace and Gromit preparing for the Jubilee weekend, hoisting up bunting around a magnificent Trust manor. If you can’t wait until June, take a sneak peek at the teaser of the animation.

To find out what’s happening near you, visit the National Trust website »

The National Trust is a UK conservation charity, protecting historic places and green spaces, and opening them up for ever, for everyone.

Read an Interview with Nick Park

Wallace and Gromit chat to the National Trust Magazine

Purchase ‘Cracking’ Party Accessories

If you’re attending a street party, or even having a Jubilee picnic, the National Trust Shop has everything you need to have a cracking good time. From tinned biscuits and crockery, to Gromit cookie cutters if you want to make your own tasty treats, there’s something for every taste!

Learn how to make a batch of Cracking Gromit Cookies – the perfect addition to your tea party table during this summer of celebration.

Even if you’re planning a weekend at home, then why not spend a night in front of the TV with the Wallace & Gromit DVD collection, featuring all 4 classic adventures. For more summer fun and gift ideas, visit the Wallace & Gromit online store »

Find more games and activities online at Wallace & Gromit and Children’s Foundation.

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