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The global community of National Geographic readers and supporters have access to an astounding resource of talent. Connecting explorers through online content and international distribution of documentaries, books, magazines and LIVE events—exploring the natural world has never been easier, or as engaging.


This month, NG Live tours Australia presenting a breath-taking exploration of Wild Seas and Secret Shores with ocean explorer and photographer Thomas P. Peschak. Don’t miss our interview in the next issue of Bare Essentials.

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If you missed the live show Wild Seas and Secret Shores you can purchase the book at:

Premiering in November on the National Geographic channel is the second series of Tales by Light, a local production by United Film Works in collaboration with Canon Australia. The revealing docu-series follows in the footsteps of five adventurous photographers as they travel around the world for their craft. Shot in 15 countries over the course of one year, Tales by Light is an insight into what it takes to capture images that tell powerful stories. The raw reality of working with wildlife is established in the first episode; as viewers follow award-winning NG photographers, Jonathan and Angela Scott, a passionate duo who live alongside lions in Africa. Their work represents the challenges and changes to a once vast wilderness spanning decades, and the intimacy of their images is truly captivating.

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Also on the horizon this November, astronaut Buzz Aldrin in conversation with Ray Martin. The pair will discuss space exploration and colonisation, in Mars the LIVE Experience. Using stunning images and footage from global space agencies and National Geographic Channel’s landmark new television series ‘MARS’, directed by Ron Howard and produced by Brian Grazer, audiences will experience live an exciting journey to the Red Planet our future new home.

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National Geographic encourage people to connect with the frontline faces behind conservation and exploration. Their values highlight the power of integrating education with engagement, and sparking curiosity to bring presence and value to the natural world. The compelling stories and inspiring characters of National Geographic, help shift societies gaze outward—on an ever expanding quest, to understand our world and incite wonder for it’s treasures.

Once connected and inspired to explore, it’s time to experience your own National Geographic adventure.

National Geographic Expeditions and G Adventures have unveiled 18 new trips for 2017 as part of the National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures lineup, including tours through the storied landscapes of Namibia, Japan, France and Canada, plus several U.S.-based tours into America’s historic cities and national parks. The new itineraries will boost the number of tours in the National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures collection to 83.

Among the highlights of the 2017 Journeys lineup are seven new itineraries in Africa, including Wonders of Namibia, which features a lecture and guided game drive with the National Geographic-supported Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia. A new tour to Japan will have travelers making sushi with a local chef, watching an ancient martial arts performance, and learning Zen calligraphy. For wildlife enthusiasts, the Canadian Polar Bear Experience provides a rare opportunity to see polar bears in their natural habitat alongside an expert from Polar Bears International, an organization that has collaborated with National Geographic. In the U.S., the Discover California’s National Parks trip visits Death Valley, Yosemite, Sequoia National Park, and features a behind-the-scenes visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

For details and a listing of all new trips, visit:

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