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Habits are the key to behavioural and lifestyle changes, they form our frame of mind and direct our daily actions. By replacing counterproductive habits with habits of excellence we can create effective change on a subconscious and conscious level. Let the daily habits you embrace cultivate the character and aspirations you desire. With habits as the foundation, we explore what it takes to become a Navy Seal.

Introducing our guest expert, Phil Black, a former Navy Seal and the founder of FitDeck, a series of exercise cards that make fitness fun, flexible and functional.

As a BUD/S graduate as well as a BUD/S Instructor, I have strong feelings on what it takes to survive what many consider the most difficult military training in the world. It boils down to three key components: (1) physical preparation, (2) mental preparation, and (3) personal commitment.
Physical Preparation:
Much has been made of the physical preparation that prospective trainees put themselves through in order to prepare themselves for the rigorous conditioning runs, obstacle courses, swims, calisthenics, diving, climbing, and often relentless beatings. Though there’s a lot of hype and drama related to this portion of training, it’s actually the easiest of all phases to prepare for. It consists of mindless adherence to a relatively straightforward menu of runs, swims, and calisthenics. I’m not implying that it’s easy, but it is straightforward and most able-bodied people can push through a sensible plan without much trouble.
Mental Preparation:
Many people talk about how important it is to be “mentally prepared” for BUD/S training—but few actually talk about how you would prepare yourself mentally. Most people assume that if you can do x recommended number of push ups, pull ups, and sit ups, that you’re good to go. Since there is no way to quantify mental readiness, most people assume “you either have it or you don’t”. This is fool’s gold.
You can figure out if you are mentally prepared for BUD/S, and you can help yourself get there. There are two distinct ways to think about mental preparation for BUD/S: (1) mental training that takes place at home before you get to BUD/S, and (2) mental training that you endure while you are actually at BUD/S. These are two very different phases of preparation and neither must be overlooked.
The starting point is to establish the right kind of mental programming, which will, in turn, create strong beliefs, beliefs will create positive attitudes, a positive attitude will create positive feelings, positive feelings toward something will encourage good behavior, which leads to results.
The strategies employed in this preparation include programming your brain for success. Relating these universal success principles to Navy SEAL training is not readily apparent—but it can be done by those who have been through the training themselves with great success.
Personal Commitment:
You can throw all of the previous advice down the drain if you are not prepared to have a deadly serious conversation with yourself. In order for any of these strategies and tips to have any efficacy, there must be a rock solid commitment that becoming a Navy SEAL is a commitment that you can literally not live without. How badly do you want it? That will be the question that will haunt you for the rest of your life. You must be strong enough to answer this question openly, honestly and without hesitation.
The strength and intensity of your desire to become a SEAL is directly proportional to the success you will have at BUD/S. The truth is we will do virtually anything if we have a big enough reason why. Successful BUD/S students have an unwavering answer to the question why in the back of their minds. When the going gets tough, they don’t begin a debate in the recesses of their mind regarding whether they should quit or not. That debate never happens to students who have a strong enough why. That debate never happened for me. I never once even remotely considered quitting the program. It wasn’t even a fleeting thought. I had a strong why. You’ll need one too.
If you are interested in learning more about this topic, feel free to sign up for my 4 free videos (www.survivingbuds.com) that walk through many of these phases of preparation in more detail. Alternatively, if your mind is made up and you are ready to fully prepare for BUD/S, you can go straight to my Surviving BUD/S Audio Program (http://shop.fitdeck.com/surviving-bud-s-audio-series.html) that delivers over 7 hours of teaching and instruction on how to survive and thrive at BUD/S training. I wish you all the luck. Hooyah!

Thank’s Phil for sharing the habits which helped you become a Navy Seal and for those readers eager to consolidate these habits with a worthy goal our friend Don Mann has just the mission.

Mann on a Mision…

When Don Mann joined the U.S. Navy at 17 he never imagined he’d be a SEAL for so many years, work as a CIA operative or train the team that took out Osama bin Laden. Now, to support his fellow veterans and help the SEAL community, he is setting out to raise $1,000,000 to support the charities that help SEALs and their families.

Don’s new nonprofit, Frogman Charities will raise funds by conducting 5K run/walk programs that benefit the UDT-SEAL Association, the National Navy SEAL Museum and the Foundation for Navy SEAL Veterans.

“As a retired Navy SEAL, I have a very clear understanding of the many hardships and sacrifices that our military personnel and their families make and live with on a daily basis,” said Don Mann, founder and CEO of Frogman Charities and retired U.S. Navy SEAL member of Team SIX. “I founded Frogman Charities to make it possible for people from all walks of life to play a part in supporting SEAL veterans and their families while encouraging fitness at the same time.”

Frogman Charities, a 501(c)(3) organization, conducts virtual (meaning in a place of the participant’s choosing) run/walk events in partnership with organizations seeking to support its mission of raising $1,000,000 for nonprofits that support Navy SEAL veterans, their families and other charitable causes. Founder Don Mann is known for producing and directing more multi-day, multi-sport, adventure races, triathlons and SEAL training events than any other person in the world.

The inaugural Frogman Charities Virtual 5K Run/Walk is going on now through Friday, September 11, 2015. During the days leading up to the anniversary of 9/11, people around the world are doing a 5K run/walk in support of Frogman Charities and its mission. Participants may complete the 5K all at once or may break it up into multiple segments completed on different days or weeks.

Participants will receive a custom finisher’s medal, challenge coin and a finisher’s certificate recognizing their support of the UDT-SEAL Association, the National Navy SEAL Museum and the Foundation for Navy SEAL Veterans. They also have the option of ordering a signed copy of “Inside SEAL Team Six: My Life and Missions with America’s Elite Warriors” or “Hunt the Fox,” both written by Don Mann. To register for the Frogman Charities Virtual 5K Run/Walk visit http://bit.ly/FMCVirtual5K.

“As an experienced sports event producer, I know that it is sometimes difficult for people from different cities to come together on one day, at one time, in one location to support a cause,” stated Mann. “By conducting a virtual run/walk event, a nonprofit can give people living anywhere in the world an opportunity to come together virtually and show their support for that nonprofit.”

“The Frogman Charities team is skilled at conducting these events and presenting them for organizations that are interested in doing them but perhaps don’t have the staff resources to do so,” continued Mann. “We invite you to contact us to learn more about how working together we can help America’s nonprofits as well as our veterans.”

To learn about sponsorship opportunities or how Frogman Charities can conduct a virtual run/walk for your organization visit http://frogmancharities.org/. Register for the Frogman Charities Virtual 5K Run/Walk at http://bit.ly/FMCVirtual5K.

One more thing…

Through my own research and interest in the strategies of a Navy Seal, I discovered two gems I’d like to share ‘8 Weeks to SealFit’ and ‘Unbeatable Mind’ by Mark Divine. Both books are highly effective at breaking down the core habits of an elite warrior into daily habits and can be integrated with online courses and events that further support your goals. To learn more visit: www.sealfit.com

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