Earth Day 2012 ‘Make it Count’

Help to Mobilize the Earth™ for Earth Day 2012.

Earth Day Network is inspiring A Billion Acts of Green®, and they need YOU to help push the number over 500 million.

Make it Count – register your act of green now!

Or Join thousands of other Bare Essentials readers and take our pledge to ‘Seek adventure and Save Wildlife’.

Pledge to plant a garden, bike to work, use energy efficient light bulbs, wash your clothes in cold water or do any other environmentally-friendly action. And if you’ve pledged before, you can pledge again!

All these little things add up to something big. A Billion Acts of Green is now the world’s largest environmental service campaign and is being called a global referendum on the environment.

Earth Day Network plans to take all of your actions to world leaders to show just how many people support acting now to secure a sustainable future. It’s hard to ignore a billion actions. So, stand up and be counted!

Once you’ve registered your act of green, click here to learn about all the exciting things happening for Earth Day 2012 (April 22) and how you can get involved.

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