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Inside Our Latest Issue July/August 2012

In the depths of the forest, a hidden diversity of natural wonders exist – remote and wild landscapes where life expresses vibrant, untamed beauty.

Wandering through such places, takes one on a visual odyssey of unexpected curiosities and unforgettable characters. We offer a glimpse into this secret realm in our photo-feature ‘Wild Solace’ (page 42).

Then, join us on a journey with baby BONA (page 71) the orphan elephant and her human entourage. A devoted group of guardians, who rally to the rescue of this undernourished youngster and help find her a new home.

‘Elementary My Dear Wildlife’ (page 54) showcases the artistic alchemy of Alex Rivest, blending science with photography for a surreal mix of captivating images. The striking contrast of stars against a clear nights sky and ancient craters alive with molten lava provide an inspiring canvas for this explorer.

If you’ve ever wondered what life is like for a modern day houndsman, capturing cougars and collaring big cats – then you won’t want to miss our interview with world renown wild capture expert Boone Smith (page 93).

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