Farm Life for City Families

Australia celebrates the cultural exchange of lifestyle and land lessons on National FarmDay.

Today, city slickers around Australia are commuting countryside to experience life on the farm. Welcoming the curious city folk to explore various aspects of farm life and management across a wide range of industries (ie. fish, dairy, agriculture).

Endorsed by the National Farmer’s Federation ‘FarmDay’ aims to foster a greater understanding of farming among urban Australians through a farming family sharing their life with a city family for a day of ‘fun, friendship and understanding’.

The experience provides a chance for a city family to share a day with a farming family, see how a modern farm business operates, and understand why farming is important to the urban lifestyle.

Farming families are able to help city families understand the business of farming, showcase their farm and the work they do, and enjoy the pleasure of seeing a city family discover the world of farming.

New friendships that bridge the rural-urban divide often emerge from FarmDay. Along with a deep appreciation and understanding for the origin and effort required to produce the everyday commodities we tend to take for granted.

Families are matched based on compatibility criteria ensuring the most suitable farm is selected for the applicants and hosts alike. It is all voluntary and experiences, accommodation and length of stay will vary between host farms.

The perspective gained from FarmDay is not only educational but often transforming- inspiring change to habitual convenience, encouraging people to buy local, respect resources and conserve more. But, perhaps most importantly discover the treasures of the land, fresh air, wildlife and the need to preserve these for the health of our resources and the pleasure of people today and in the future.

Since 2008 FarmDay has helped promote the virtues of farming and celebrate the people, produce and pleasures of this great land. To read the experiences of families, view photos and learn more about FarmDay click here.

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