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As big chain supermarkets battle for your business a shift toward fresh foods locally grown have customers consider online alternatives. Supermarkets stocking inferior imports of questionable quality raise concern for health and safety not to mention value.

Frozen vegetables processed in New Zealand from produced grown in China have been found to contain pesticides and other harmful substances in toxic levels.

AusVeg the governing body for Australian fresh produce has expressed concern at the country’s reliance on imported produce, following the recent discovery of almost 10 tonnes of vegetables contaminated with excessive pesticide levels in China.

“Australia is increasingly relying on imported produce that is unreliable in quality and is potentially harmful to our health,” said Hugh Tobin communications manager for AusVeg.

“Australian produce is grown under strict regulations ensuring consumer health is protected. Australian growers are struggling to compete with cheaper imported produce that may not be produced under the same stringent quality controls.”

“Retailers can often purchase and sell imported produce for less than it costs to buy Australian grown vegetables. Falling wholesale prices together with rising production costs make it difficult for Australian growers to compete, pushing them out of the industry,” Mr Tobin said.

“Australian-grown vegetables may be available now, but with examples such as what’s happened in China, it’s worrying to think of the implications from our increasing reliance on imported products, particularly in frozen vegetables.”

Making the switch from frozen to fresh is more convenient than one might suspect and gives customers confidence their food is safe to eat. Leading the charge for locally grown groceries is ‘Aussie Farmers Direct’ a nationwide produce provider.

Aussie Farmers Direct is a free home delivery service providing fresh products that are 100% Australian owned and produced. Their goal is to help the Australian farmer win the battle against the large multinationals by delivering a broad range of products direct to the consumer.

Besides a 48hr turnaround from farm to front door, buying Australian products creates jobs and benefits the economy. By cutting out the middle man, products are delivered faster, fresher and straight to the customer’s door each morning with no delivery charges when minimum order quantities are met.

For Fresh, Fast, Foods of local origin get your groceries from Aussie Farmers Direct

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