In the months of winter earth’s mammals seek shelter from the cold – hibernating in their dens until the harsh conditions of the season pass.

Providing their bellies are full and havens secure, remaining idle over winter has restorative benefits beyond sheer survival.

Taking a lead from the idle wild, this month we provide winter resources for a restorative break in hibernation.

With the larder full and a cozy fire ablaze, settle down with a hot cocoa and begin a journey exploring nature on the net.

Today, expeditions of a virtual nature have evolved to offer a rich experience enhanced by visual technology. The perfect way to enjoy your winter hibernation – wandering without bounds to the farthest reaches of earth, absorbing insights to the mysteries of the wild.

Winter Resources for a Restorative Hibernation

PBS NATURE: Here you will find a library of wild documentaries including ‘Radioactive Wolves’ and ‘Bears of the Last Frontier’. Browse by topic, animal or season – with interactive extras and additional resources for educators.

Sound Science: This radio news and documentary project reports on energy, climate, ecology and more – offering audio with text transcript. ‘In His Home on the Ice’ audio episode of Sound Science explores the impacts of climate change on polar bears, using the story of a mother bear who swam for nine days in order to reach the sea ice where the animals live and feed as a case study.

National Geographic Everest 2012: Take on Everest with the expedition team from Nat Geo, following climbers Conrad Anker and Cory Richards in real time. Read field notes, view photos, and video that make you a part of the journey!

Animal Planet: Captivating footage with fun facts – this site entertains as it educates, with episodes from popular series featured on Animal Planet. Shows like, ‘Must Love Cats’ with John Fulton who travels to each corner of the United States in search of amazing cats. And, ‘Frozen Planet’ narrated by award-winning actor Alec Baldwin this series is the ultimate portrait of our earth’s polar regions, where the scale and beauty of the scenery and sheer power of the natural elements are unlike anywhere else on the planet.

These links will get you started, and hopefully inspire you to continue exploring wild resources on the web!

Seek Adventure, Save Wildlife.
Chief Editor ~ Inga Yandell

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