MM- Breaking Bad Habits

Breaking Free of lifes boundaries is the Mission for this Month. Taking Action to swop bad habits for better ones allowing you to embrace passion and end procrastination.

“You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Mission Brief:
Nix the naughty notion that you can’t change or that its more trouble than its worth by inviting intrigue in and allowing curiosity to counteract negative thoughts of fear, doubt or just plain laziness!

Start this month with an open mind by incorporating a swop to stop suggestion each day for one week!

Game Plan:
Over the course of the next 7 days select one of the suggestions below to swop and stop a bad habit with. Each suggestion encompasses some aspect of daily living including Health, Attitude and Impact (your unique value of influence to this world).

Offering a versatile approach to a complete evolution in Mind, Body and Spirit that will leave you ready to take the Leap to a better Life!

Swop to Stop Suggestions-

Swop ignorance for insight and stop contributing to the climate catastrophe.  Measuring your eco-footprint is one way to empower a change in attitude and action and will help you assume responsibility for lifestyle consumptions that impact our conservation.

Click on the image to get started!

Swop toxic, single purpose cleaners for natural, multi-purpose essential oils and stop wasting money on excessive products that cause harm to you and the environment. Good choices include Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Lemon.

Swop electrical illumination for natural sunlight and stop spending so much time indoors.  Consider removing heavy drapes/curtains and replace them with terry cloth to allow more sunlight in, or enjoy an office with a view by taking your work and heading outdoors with an eco-friendly wireless laptop.

Swop time spent in traffic for activities you can do locally and stop being a gas guzzler. Boot the Commute to that fitness centre and look for a nearby park to burn off those calories.  Parks are also a great place to host a social gathering/picnic party, saving you time traveling to a restaurant.

Swop brand addiction for common sense label assessment and stop being a victim of marketing hype.  Big name brands make their millions on product package and image design two things which offer little value to the consumers wallet or the environment. The more money spent on packaging which often includes non-biodegradable waste materials is money better served preserving the planet.  It’s time we stood-up for the local growers and companies who offer us quality products that help not harm the environment. 

Swop the drop and consider the compost opp! Stop feeding the garbage and give some to the garden. Click on the pick for a list of the best!

Swop the hot air for centrifugal force and stop chewing juice drying clothes. By rotating at 3300 RPM, the dryer removes a quart of water from clothes using the same amount of energy a regular clothes Spin-X dryer uses in the first 15 seconds of operation.

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