MM- Great Big Veggie Challenge

To: All Women of Action

Motivation:  In order to develop new skills and discover their full potential Women of Action take on challenges that test their abilities to become an elite version of themselves and important Role Models! 

Objective:  Supreme vitality through nutritional balance!  

Mission Brief:  The key to sustaining an action lifestyle is optimal health and it starts with nutrition.  This month your mission ladies is to ward off inflammation and balance your Ph levels by taking the Great Big Veggie Challenge!

To ensure our systems are running on full steam and at their most efficient, it is important to balance the effects of acidic foods with alkaline producing greens!  Whilst it is not essential to become a complete vegetarian the benefits of doing so should be investigated personally at least once by all women of action, as it has many positive effects on the environment and to our digestive systems.  

Instructions:  First and foremost you need to gather your resources and print-out some useful guidelines.

Go online and visit: and do some background research on Inflammation, which foods cause the most damage and how to balance them using the IF rating system created by Monica Reinagel.  It is also a good idea to pop into your local library and borrow her book the Inflammation Free Diet Plan or visit her site  to print out a handy IF rating chart for some of your favorite foods.

Once you’ve done your mission research (all operatives benefit from background information on their subject) it’s time to sign-up for the challenge: the site offers a comprehensive library of resources and community of supporters, so you won’t have to fly solo on this mission.

Finally, I encourage you all to post your comments and record your efforts as this is the best way to make every action count and be a Role Model for others!




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