Nat Geo Live Returns to Australia

Want to know the stories behind your favourite National Geographic photos?

NG Live AU © Steve Winter

This winter, National Geographic Live returns to Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, showcasing our world through the eyes of two veteran National Geographic explorers and photographers. From remote mountains and jungles where big cats can still be found, to coral paradises hidden beneath the seas, Steve Winter and Brian Skerry are leading us into a new age of exploration.

Steve Winter is first to hit our shores, with his show: ‘My Nine Lives’ at the Melbourne Art Centre on Friday, July 31st, at 8pm (Tickets from $39).

Trek into some of the world’s most remote locations with the intrepid explorer as he tracks down big cats.

For Steve, doing whatever it takes to document these majestic creatures in the wild is all in a day’s work, whether it’s camping at 15,000 feet in -40 degree temperatures, being charged by rhinos, or coming face to face with a tiger. Part of each assignment is simply trying to stay healthy – and stay alive.

Steve will share his gripping tales live on stage, from capturing the nocturnal adventures of a mountain lion in the Hollywood hills and narrowly avoiding becoming jaguar prey in a Brazilian rainforest to documenting leopards in South Africa’s Sabi Sands.

NG Live © Steve Winter

You can’t help but be inspired by Steve’s mission: to share the beauty of big cats while reinvigorating efforts to save them.

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