One Gift Everyone Will Love

How wonderful to find one gift that comes in such variety that it will appeal to any personality, purpose and personal style!

A journal can hold dreams and goals, capture ideas and inspiration, promote productivity, reflect a journey, display art, a compendium of fact or fiction encase a story or collection of poems, hold treasured recipes, be luxurious and hard bound or simple and digital, small or large, empty or punctuated with prompts and empowering words of wisdom. A journal makes an ideal gift for everyone!

Here are four of our favourites, designed to support memory, creativity, purposeful intention and productive execution.

The Bullet Journal: for free-styling list makers

It is estimated that we have between 50-70 thoughts a day—most of them are not worth writing down but for those which are, Bullet Journaling provides an effortless way to do so. Photographs may capture a moment, but moments occur within a greater context. The Bullet Journal can be used to capture the invisible information around the photo—adding contextual details like: What were the moments prior to the shot? Why was the person laughing? On a more tactical level, the system allows users to create their own templates around various activities such as: Travel Itineraries, Schedules, Shot Locations and Calendars. The beauty of the system is that it’s limited only by the imagination of the user.

The 5 Minute Journal: for overwhelmed multi-taskers

Studies support both the practice of journalling and gratitude as effective ways to elevate mood, heighten empathy, compassion and connection to others. It can make us more resilient to stress and more aware of the good things in life. The 5 Minute Journal unites these healthy habits in a beautifully crafted, thoughtfully formatted way. Expressing gratitude helps start the day on a positive note—expanding our perspective and interrupting negative feedback and egocentric rumination, forcing a reset in focus toward optimistic outcomes and abundance. Once you’ve set your purposeful intention it’s time to get some meaningful work done.

The Productivity Planner: for practitioners of ‘Deep Work’

This journal is built with proven productivity principles used by changemakers throughout history. Layouts integrate the Pomodoro technique encouraging work in shorter, more focused bursts. The planner prompts you to first identify the most important task of the day and to monitor/measure productivity with time-targets.

The Artists Way Journal: for uninspired creatives

An unexpected phenomenon transformed one artists creative process into an international bestseller that continues to fly off bookshelves 25 years later. The book entitled ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron sparked a culture around storytelling and made the practice of journaling an indispencible tool of the creative process. Morning Pages was Julia’s personal method for breaking-through writers block and tapping into the full potential of her imagination. Today it is used and referenced by creatives the world over, along with thought leaders, entrepreneurs, athletes, and anyone seeking to distill thoughts and unfurl hidden ideas or gems of inspiration. Elegantly repackaged The Artist’s Way Morning Pages Journal brings fresh appeal to the classic. Featuring a compact design and spiral binding, authors introduction and complete instructions on how to use the Morning Pages to fully benefit from their daily use, along with inspiring quotations that will guide you through the process. A daily practice of writing three pages longhand, strictly stream-of-consciousness, which provoke, clarify, comfort, cajole, prioritize, and synchronize the day at hand.

Whitelines Link Journal: for digital artists

Despite the advantages of digital software and creative technologies, paper is still an appealing tool for artists—the liberating sense of not having to first plug-in or log-on allows for untethered creative expression—ideal for capturing inspiration as it strikes.
A journal which easily transfers art or ideas to the digital platform elevates this tactile tool into a versatile creative resource. Whitelines® paper makes your notes stand out and links them to the digital world. Notebooks are made with a special ruling. The background is grey, the lines are white. The effect removes distraction, making it easy to capture and digitalize handwritten notes via a smartphone app with automatic capture. Once digitalized you have creative freedom to continue developing your concepts, to save, share or publish your work online.

Leuchtturm Daily Planner: for minimalist fine-art connoisseurs

Crafting quality notebooks and calendars since 1917, Leuchtturm1917 produce thoughtful elegant journals which are beautiful to look at and to use. Their weekly planner and notebook displays a week on one page and each day has its own box. The right-hand side features a ruled notebook page which can be attributed any purpose (tasks, inspiration, gratitude). For 2018 they have released a Limited Edition Color Journal, featuring a cover material specially developed for the series which gives the notebooks an elegant, metallic shine in Gold, Silver or Copper. As a minimalist design element of the company name, they have embossed 1917 on to a black wrap band. It is an indication of the anniversary year and the 100-year company tradition.

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