Protecting a Predator

The world’s largest and deadliest cat is in danger of extinction. Listen in as experts explore why these majestic hunters are dwindling in number and what’s being done to save them.

The conversation features Panthera’s President and CEO, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, joined by John Vaillant, author of The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival. John is generously using publicity from his book to help garner support for tiger conservation efforts in the Russian Far East, where the story of The Tiger takes place.

The discussion centres on the current state of Asia’s tiger populations and what conservation initiatives are needed to save this endangered species.

Click here to share in Dr. Rabinowitz’s insights on the importance of protecting tiger breeding areas and listen to John Vaillant tell the story behind The Tiger.

Learn more about Panthera’s Tigers Forever Program and John’s book  The Tiger.

Panthera- Big Cat Conservation

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