Put your Fruit to Good Use

Many of us covet the juicy flesh of ripe fruit but often discard the peel. Of course their are some who might add it to the compost but for the majority of us the peel loaded with potential will wind up in the waste basket.

Before you bin the best part consider putting your fruit to good use in the following ways…..

Benefits of orange peel….

*Rich in vitamin A and C it stimulates the immune system
*Helps aid digestion
*Rich in antioxidants to help prevent premature ageing
*Consumption of orange peel reduces cholesterol as it contains hespiridin
*Helps maintain healthy skin and prevent pimples
*Contains d-limonia that serves as a shield against ultraviolet rays
*Acts as a natural insect repellent
*Lowers Blood pressure and helps prevents heart disease

Unusual uses for banana peels….

*Use as a natural healing aid for warts (rub over warts daily for 10 days)
*Clean leather shoes or chairs with the peel then wipe with a soft cloth
*Rub the inside of the peel regularly on your teeth to make them sparkle
*Treat acne and wrinkles by rubbing the peel over your skin
*Rich in phosphorus and potassium, the peels make effective garden fertilisers
*Use the peel to help cure psoriasis, skin allergies and irritation
*Rub on mosquito bites to relieve itching
*Use as a healing aid for wounds (speeds drying process)
*Apply on the forehead as a natural cure for headache
*Used as a roast tenderiser

Note: Always use the inside white part of the banana peel for rubbing.

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