Run for the Cheetah!

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Dear Athlete

I am looking to promote a non-profit event for the Cheetah Conservation Fund “Run for the Cheetah”. I am committed to organizing an Australian Chapter to help sponsor this event, and invite you to be a part of this.

About the Event

CCF’s dedicated Chapter Heads are always looking for ways in which to help save the cheetah. A great example of their creativity is the Run for the Cheetah. This is a fun event designed to raise awareness about the endangered cheetah and to raise funds to support the Cheetah Conservation Fund’s programs.

The first Run for the Cheetah events were organized by CCF’s Oregon and Arizona Chapters in 2005. Sine then, CCF Arizona and CCF Oregon have held the runs annually. In addition, a new venue has been added this year: Chicago. The newly formed CCF Chicago Chapter will hold its first annual Run for the Cheetah in the Spring of 2008.

For more details about upcoming Run for the Cheetah events, please visit This is a home page for all our runs, with link sot the Phoenix Run, Portland Run, and Chicago Run. We hope to add Washington DC, NYC, and other venues to our Run for the Cheetah schedule in the near future.

As noted there is yet to be created an international affiliation on behalf of the conservation. I represent the project as a health coach of ten years and a journalist specializing in sport and nutrition. I see the opportunity to get children and families involved in the welfare of our wildlife whilst enjoying the benefits of physical activity.

I am available to discuss the project in further detail and address all concerns or entertain any suggestions and input. I formally welcome you to be part of a great event centered around getting active about health and preservation of our endangered species!

Sincerely yours,

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