Seduced by Sugar

5Seductive cravings are often quelled by something sweet and it’s not always that obvious!

Feeding on auto pilot is common for those who dine and dash but are the subtle signals your body sends corrupting your conscious effort to eat healthy?

Gobble on the go diners love fast food that can be eaten in a hurry is hassle free and by choosing healthy options that boast nutritional benefits feel satisfied their bodies are being looked after.

Although it seems logical to assume this is the case, a closer look reveals many of those ‘good for you’ labels are disguising a dietary devil.

When you think about sugar cakes and candy come to mind but you might be surprised to learn that your low fat health bar isn’t all that much better than a spoon full of sugar!

Once you get the taste for something sweet it can be hard to break the cycle and worse still if you are unaware that some sneaky sugar has seduced you.

Here is a list of some surprising sugar sources:

Vitamin Water- feel energised after a sip that’s probably a sugar hit, with some brands containing more than 30grams.

Health Bars- figure natural, organic and full fruit bars are best, not necessarily as sugar can be organic and naturally sourced.

Cereal- wholegrain, fruit filled and fortified sounds promising but some brands can contain as much as 14 grams per cup.

Sauce- love your italian and fresh tomato sauce, sadly the secret ingredient is often sugar up to 14 grams in half a cup.

Bran Muffins- your favorite fibre fix may also be a diabetic disaster delivering as much as 20 grams of sugar per muffin.

Trail Mix- nibbling nuts with dried fruit provides nutritional benefits but also packs a sugar punch consider it natures candy.

Juice- squeeze me a cup of sugar please since the content per cup of all natural OJ can calculate to 26 grams or more.

Fruit Yogurt- blended with berries a natural once nutritional yogurt becomes a sweet eat with surprisingly high sugar content.

Porridge- instant oats infused with flavour turn the breakfast staple into a bowlful of sugar upwards of 14grams per serve.

Ice Tea- cola or chamomile the sugar content can be comparable with some brands as little as 2grams difference between them.

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