SEO for Photographers

Justin Katz is a Professional landscape photographer, SEO expert, and co-founder of Travelstoked. SEO for Photographers is a course developed by Katz to help freelance photographers make money whilst doing what they love most…taking photos.

This course will teach you how to set up and optimize your website, capitalize on keywords that will bring you increased traffic and revenue (even while you sleep), and build links back to your site which sends signals to Google that you are LEGIT and open for business. If you are not savvy on SEO or digital marketing strategies, Katz ensures the course is designed to provide a step-by-step guide that anyone at any skill level can master. The all-encompassing course includes 51 video lessons broken up into 8 separate chapters, you can download the slides and learn entirely at your own pace, whenever you want. Also included are a number of resource guides, downloades, and quizzes to help you master the keys to SEO.

For full details on the course and chapter topics visit:

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