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The latest controversy over social outreach campaign ‘KONY 2012’ has the public divided – prompting questions like “how does international exposure support the capture of African war criminal Joseph Kony?” and “how is our donation dollars being applied to facilitate an end to this injustice?”, not to mention how accurately the film portrays current circumstances in Uganda.

The potential minefield of does and don’ts are highlighted in this case (and worth reading to form your own opinion) but not without an overriding consensus that social networks and media avenues are powerful catalysts for campaign marketing.

Whether you agree with the KONY 2012 campaign or not, you have most likely heard about it or seen the video by now – and thereby the producers have achieved their goal to raise awareness on a global scale for the need to support projects/policies that end violence and generate opportunities for impoverished nations.

Socially savvy marketing has become the standard by which profit and non-profit campaigners can make their mark with some showing more initiative and innovation than others. Take for example the ‘Pay-Per-View’ van by animal rights group FARM.

The ‘Pay-Per-View’ campaign arising from legislative opposition forbidding the group to show their film which graphically exposes animal cruelty issues.

The state of Iowa set a precedence by enacting the first ever “ag-gag” law, which criminalises photographing and video taping the atrocious conditions in factory farms and slaughterhouses. Seven other states (IL, IN, MN, MO, NE, NY, UT) are considering similar legislation.

To circumvent this FARM’s highly effective Pay-Per-View offers people $1.00 to watch a 4-minute undercover video.

After viewing, more than 80% of participants pledge onsite to eat more vegan meals, which is exactly what animal agriculture fears. They are being faced with a choice: risk going out of business or attempt to silence FARM’s movement.

With your help, FARM hope to continue their Pay-Per-View and vegan education programs in spite of these bans…

They are building a Pay-Per-View van equipped with 8 touch-screens to handle up to 32 viewers at one time. This will enable them to reach 100,000 people each year with the footage that animal agribusiness does not want them to see.

Here’s how you can help

Building this vehicle is a large, unprecedented undertaking and FARM urgently need your support. In order to be ready in time for summer festivals and crowded outdoor concerts, they need to raise $60,000 by March 31st (they have raised $10,000 so far).

Fortunately, a generous donor has so much faith in this project that he offered to match the first $30,000 dollar-for-dollar so your donation will automatically be doubled!

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