Speed Shopping

Picture 4Whoever you are, whatever your schedule, reducing the time you spend in a supermarket is always an advantage!

Use this guide to avoid the distractions that keep you from motoring through that shopping list in record time.

Speed Shopping 101: your guide to fast getaway’s at the grocery store….

Clone Packaging- beware sneaky imitators who hope you mistake their brand and buy.

Tags- eye candy to a savvy shopper but make sure its a sale tag and not an everyday low price tag!

Use By- this is not the perishable date but a best before indicator.

Tricky Ticks- a Heart Foundation approved item will bare a tick to help health conscious consumers make good choices but others have found a tick to be a great marketing trick so it’s best to be on your ‘game’.

Mood Lighting- fruit and veg look best under daylight, meat and fish under white lights and shelf items will always be illuminated with yellow lights as this has been shown to relax shoppers, spending longer loading up.

Music- supermarkets report better produce turnover with slow tempo music so take your ipod and hit the heavy metal track!

Eye Level Brands- scan right to left, up and down to save money.

Big Packaging- studies show people pour more from a bigger box making the economy buy irrelevant.

Fat Facts- Low Fat refers to products that have less than 3% fat but may still be high in sugar content, 25% less fat means the product has a reduced fat content but the regular product may still be high in fat and Lite is the least descriptive since it could be referring to a products color or taste with no reference to fat content.

Tricky Grouping- this goes with that! Hardly, be on guard for grouped items you will often find this marketing tactic being used in conjunction with sale items.

No Kids Allowed- we all no the rule don’t shop when you are hungry but another corruptive force is the pint sized protestors who will pester a parent until they get what they want.

Corner Store- good option to big chain groceries as they are smaller to navigate have less shelf matter more fresh and no big trolleys only baskets or green bags preventing unnecessary spending!

After Hours- if you can make time late at night or in the early morning to sneak to the supermarket, you will find empty isles much like the lanes in an autobarn making it easy to ‘rev up’ your trolley and go!

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