The Food Magazine that Really Feeds People!

A beautiful new food magazine called Spezzatino is about to launch – it’s available exclusively as a PDF download, complete with amazing recipes by top-notch chefs, beautiful food photography, superb writing – the works. It’s done by the same team that produced Gourmet Nutrition, the same designer, photographer, etc.

Nutrition, food science, home gardening, gourmet cooking – Spezzatino explores every aspect of food, right from the earth to the table.

And Spezzatino has a couple unique twists. Each issue focuses on a specific food, so it feels less like a magazine, and more like an ongoing encyclopedia of food.

Best of all, all the profit from magazine subscriptions goes directly to charity! Every penny of profit goes to the Healthy Food Bank to purchase nutritious food for food banks around North America.

I’m extremely proud of this whole project, so I know I’m biased. That’s why we’re making the whole first issue available for free – so you can judge for yourself.

Check out the free sample here:

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