Travel Trends for your Animal Friends

January 2nd is National Pet Travel Safety Day. Founded by Celebrity Pet & Safety Expert, Animal Behaviourist and former Los Angeles Paramedic Colleen Paige, it’s mission is to save lives by effecting public awareness of the vital need for pet safety in all areas of travel.

Driving with dogs to destinations other than the vets is common practice these days. They accompany us to all manner of public places even the Apple Store one of many now, ‘dog friendly’ businesses. As such our canine companions are subjected to all the same safety precautions we are yet, many owners either don’t understand or fail to enforce such measures.

Promoting public awareness for pet safety during travel is a key prevention tool for reducing the number of animal accidents. The Whole Dog Journal published a useful guide entitled “Driving Safely with Your Dog” featuring tips to safely secure, entertain and help your dog deal with motion sickness. You can also calm your canine with this cd Driving Edition: Music to Calm your Dog in the Car from Dog’s Gear online.

Embracing the trend to travel with pets has great marketing appeal for many companies who redesign their dwellings to accommodate our four-legged friends. For the latest on wag welcoming establishments checkout the magazine Fido Friendly and if your travel plans include a plane try Pet Airways, the first airlines with four-legged room, launched earlier this year. They fly pets directly, only in the main cabin, and have pet attendants that check on your pets every 15 minutes.

Where ever your wags may wander consider their safety, after all aren’t they simply furry family?

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