Voyage of the Southern Sun

Michael Smith is the first and only person to circumnavigate the world solo in an Amphibious class aeroplane. In his tiny amphibious flying boat, the Southern Sun, he retraced historical Qantas, Imperial and Pan Am airmail routes, in search of the glory days of 1930’s aviation. During his journey, at a leisurely 80 knots, Michael discovered the delights and perils of true adventure. Over 213 days flying from cities to forests; over deserts and rivers; mountains and volcanoes; he observed coral reefs, vast stretches of ocean, ice flows and glaciers… and giant rats. Michael’s journey captured the geographic splendour of the world and along the way he learnt a little about human kind and himself.

Michael Smith was awarded the Australian Geographic Adventurer of the Year 2016, Seaplane Pilots Association Award (Australia) Inaugural, Ross Vining Exceptional Achievement Award and the Royal Aero Club (UK) Silver Medal for exceptional aviation achievement.

The documentary ‘Voyage of the Southern Sun’ celebrates the highs and lows of an extraordinary adventure, with an array of spectacular imagery from around the world.

Screening at cinemas worldwide –

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