Words for Whales

Did you know that whales are one of the loudest animals on the planet?

They produce sounds of up to 188 decibels that can travel halfway around the world.

So it’s tragic that when it comes to whaling, their voices aren’t being heard.

Every year, up to 2,500 whales are slaughtered – usually using a harpoon with an explosive tip. These majestic creatures die a very slow, agonizing death.

Like you, WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals) are also outraged by this blatant cruelty and want to put a stop to it.

So they’ve joined forces with Optus, one of Australia’s largest communications companies to make whales’ voices heard… but we need your help once again.

The aim is to record every word in the Oxford English Dictionary (give or take a few) then use these words to tell the International Whaling commission (IWC) how supporters like you, together with other Australians, feel about whaling.

And help put an end to the cruelty of whaling once and for all.

Record your word now at Give Whales a Voice!

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